Window Tinting In Shrewsbury

Have you been thinking about having your car , camper or van  window tinted, then we think you should go no where else but Ace Car Care Shrewsbury.

We stock a full range of high quality window tints for your vehicle from light tint, right through limo for supreme privacy.

For example we have limo in our lovley Vw Transporotor T5 which is perfect for heat and UV rejection, plus any prying eyes away from the interior of the van.

Window tinting is a great look for your vehicle which can give it a sporty or a factory look, as well as the added health benefits on UV and glare reduction (especially for young and sensitive skin, aswell as animals in the vehicle).

If you would like to call us for advice on which window tint is best for you, feel free to call us on 01743 644100 or click here for a free no obligation Quote.


Window Tinting Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury Window Tinting