Vw Transporter T5 Limo Tint Telford

This Vw Transporter owner contacted us about having his 2 rear side windows tinted as he has recently had them fitted to his van, he wanted security as he carried his surf boards in the back so he asked us what tint to go for and to take in mind that he would still like to be able to see out of the windows as it had some seats in the back as well.

We explained about Limo (5%) tint and that it was very hard to see through unless you were up close to it but you would still be able to see out of it but it would just be slightly darker to l0ok through, with that the customer was happy to proceed and booked in at his early convenience.

He bought the van to our car car centre in Shrewsbury as we have a unit there to carry out the tinting in as it needs to be as clean and dust free as possible to get the best possible job done without getting dirt into the tints when they are fitted.

With these side windows being large they take longer to dry out but it still only took us half a day to carry out the tints, we called the customer when it was ready for collection and he was very happy when he saw the finished job and now could park up and leave his surf boards in there without worrying about people being able to see them through the windows.

Do you carry expensive items or tools with you and feel like you could do with some extra security on your vehicle?
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