Peugeot 106 Dark Smoke Tint Shrewsbury

This customer had inquired about having his windows tinted on his Peugeot 106 and was unsure about what tint to go for as he wanted it dark but he thought limo would make it look like a van so we got him to pop down to have a chat with him and show him some samples and some of our own cars which are tinted as looking at samples is not always the best way to see how it will look once it is done.

After a long chat he came to the decision that limo would be too dark and that his Peugeot 106 would look good with a Dark smoke tint on, we got him booked in and carried out the tint on the very next day which was good as it was his day off work so he dropped the car off and walked home as he only lived a few minutes away from us in Shrewsbury.

With this Peugeot 106 3 door the rear side windows are hinged so these take slightly longer to do we cut the tints out and shrink them the same but when it comes to fitting we have to remove the windows as we don’t like to cut around the hinge locating caps, we remove them and then place them back on over the top of the tint so that there is no chance it will peel back or bubble up.

We had the car in for 3 hours to carry the tint out as its only 3 windows it doe not take as long and less time to dry them out.

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