Mazda 3 Dark/Medium Smoke Shrewsbury

The owner of this Mazda 3 has had all their previous cars tinted and wanted their latest one doing as well, they knew exactly which tints they wanted and wanted a Dark smoke (20%) rear window and then medium smoke (35%) on the rear side windows.

We offer a service where you can mix the tints as some people like a dark rear window and lighter rear side windows or a lighter rear window and darker rear side windows.

We got the car booked in within 2 days and the customer dropped it off to us to carry out the tinting, they were going to town for the day shopping while we glammed up their car.

The tinting process normally takes just over half a day with drying times increasing during colder weather, we like to dry it out as much as possible so we can then check the car over outside to make sure that there is no dust inside the tints and with our tints being such high quality we can work out the imperfections.

With our standard tint you get a 2 year installation warranty and a 5 year manufacturers warranty, we do how ever have a premium and premium plus packages with extra warranty and a more premium film.

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