Honda Civic Type R Limo Tint Telford

The owner of this lovely Honda Civic Type R wanted to treat his car to nice set of limo tints to enhance the look of his Hot Hatch, he wanted it to look dark on the inside an to match up with the outer edge of the glass which is like jet black and it all blended in so we showed him a Limo Tinted car and that was it sold and booked in he couldn’t wait to get his car in to have the tints fitted.

Honda Civic Limo Tints
Honda Civic Limo Tints

We booked the car in at our car care centre in Shrewsbury which was only a short journey for the civic owner as he lived in Telford. Once the car arrived. we carefully removed the rear spoiler to carry out the tailgate window shrink which is difficult, but not a problem as we have 2 highly trained vehicle technicians here to carry out jobs such as these. The rear window on the civic type r is one of the most difficult tailgate windows to shrink, as it is so curved in the bottom corners, which again is straight forward for our advanced window tinting trained technicians.

Once the tints were all installed, we refitted the rear spoiler, and put our heaters inside the car to dry as much moisture out of the tints from the solution used to fit them. Once the tints have dried out, we then took it outside to quality check the tints over outside to make sure that we work out any dust inclusions.

With the limo tint you really do get the best of both worlds, you get an enhanced vehicle image, reduced heat and uv rays and then the extra security and privacy so people can not see in as easily. but you can still see out.

Limo tint is not to every ones taste but here at ACE Car Care we stock a range of different shades of tints for you to choose from so pop down or call us on the tinting hotline on 01952 426109 or 01743 466100 or get a quote online by clicking HERE and lets see what we can do to your vehicle.