Honda Civic Dark Smoke Tint Telford

The Honda Civic Dark Smoke tint started when the customer with his car came in to enquire about having their windows tinted as they had just had a baby and the sun was glaring in the babies face. The customer wanted it so the sun would not annoy the child and stop the harmful U.V rays getting onto the child.

The customer did not want a limo tint as they thought it was to dark and gave the car the wrong image so we talked to them about the dark smoke tint which is very much like a tint that comes on the cars from the factory. The 20% dark smoke tint is probably the most popular tint with us and the customer was very keen to get it done so they left the Civic with us and we carried out the tint.

How We Installed The Honda Civic Dark Smoke Tint:

The rear screen on the Honda civics are a hard rear window to shrink as they are very curved and you also have to remove the rear spoiler to carry out a successful tint.

We tinted the rear 5 panes of glass and then put the heaters in the car to dry out any moisture in the tints. We normally dry the tints out for about 2 hours and then take the car outside and check for any dust inside the tints as these can be worked out with a little bit of heat and the correct tools.

We rang the customer once it was finished and they came back and they were over the moon with how it looked and they also contacted us to say that the child could look out of the window with no problems and the car was also cooler in the hot weather.


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