Limo Tints On Foesta
Limo Tints Fitted To Fiesta By Ace Car Care

Ford Fiesta Window Tints

Recently we had Ford Fiesta, 5 door model, in for our professional window tint treatment.  The owner was looking to tint all rear windows (5 panes of glass), including the tailgate, 2x rear dors & 2x rear quarter lights.

As a new car at the time, the owner was deciding which tint might be right for their wants & needs. Having animals they wanted to keep them cool in the summer months. Also the security that if they went shopping, or needed to leave bags in the car, they’d be out of site.

The good thing is the owner of this Ford Fiesta didn’t need to decide which window tint to go for, until the day she arrived! Meaning after comparing our hatchback examples, checking our Facebook page, she had a good idea of what it might look like, and narrowed it down to two tinting shades.

Choosing A Window Tint For Your Ford Fiesta

After much consideration, the new owners decided that our darkest option, the 5% tinting shade would be best for them. With it’s very striking looks and contrast to the light coloured paintwork, it was guaranteed privacy and security for their smaller animals & possessions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Being the darkest tinting shade available for this Ford Feista, they also got the greatest reduction from the glare of the sun, which meant they go to keep the interior much cooler. And they didn’t have to keep altering the air conditioning either!

It couldn’t have been done any quicker for the couple either. Dropped off at our Car Care Centre in Shrewsbury, the owners of this Ford Fiesta collected their pride and joy fitted with professional tints by lunch time that day. Amazed the difference it made, they were so glad how the Limo Black option turned out. 

Here’s their review on their Ford Fiesta’s window tint: “Absolutely chuffed to bits with our newly bought Ford Fiesta window tints. The guys and girls did an amazing job and couldn’t be more pleased with the finish.  They advised which option might have been best for my needs and showed me examples of personal vehicles with tints on. Can’t recommend them enough!” – Debbie

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