Audi A3 Limo Tints

This customer from Telford came to us, not with limo tints in their mind for their Audi A3. What they knew was that they wanted the rear windows tinting, but did not know there were a range of shades to choose from, or which shade to go for.

We had a long chat to the customer and showed him a few examples of cars we have tinted here at the car care centre so he could actually see the tints on a car. This gave him an idea of what it would look like on his Audi.

Where possible, we like to show a tinted car, as looking at a  sample tint is more difficult to visualise how it will look on the car. In this instance after a chat and looking at a few cars he choose a Black Limo Tints.

The limo tints would add security to his car, and also as he has young children it would keep the sun out of their eyes, and to keep the harmful u.v rays off their young skin.

The car was left with us for the day while we carried out the window tinting install process, ensuring each step of the process was carried out following our systematic approach to ensure a consistent, high quality result.

Once the limo tints were fitted, the moisture was force dried out to activate the high bond of the window tinting film onto the glass. Following this, the window tints were finished and quality checked ready for the customer to collect.

As you can see from the picture the car looks fantastic with the tints on.

If you’d like to know what limo tints, or any other window tinting shades would cost for your vehicle, just click this link.