Dark Smoke Tints

Dark Smoke Window TintDark Smoke Window Tint

(Dark Smoke Tint Lets In 20% Light)

Dark smoke window tint is our most popular shade installed in most domestic vehicles ie cars, estates & 4x4s.

It is the closest shade to most manufacturers privacy glass factory fit options, and gives a good blend of the the benefits of the darker and lighter shades of window tinting films available.

Advantages Of Dark Smoke Tint:

  • Striking appearance, giving ‘top of the range’ looks – close to factory look
  • Significantly reduced visibilty into the vehicle compared to standard to give extra security
  • Almost total UV rejection to stop potentially harmful rays penetrating the interior and affecting delicate skin and interior finished (eg leather, vinyl,etc)
  • Minimised glare for improved visibility in strong sunlight & ideal when viewing interior TV screens/DVD players

Drawbacks Of Dark Smoke Window Tint:

  • Visibility into the vehicle not as good as Limo Black Tints, but significantly better than standard
  • Visibility out of the vehicle when ambient light is low (ie night time) not as good as Medium Smoke Tints or Light Smoke Tints, but better than Limo Black Tints.
  • Few drawbacks, probably why dark smoke window tint is our most popular shade of window tinting film.

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Dark Smoke Tint Technical Data:

  • Ultraviolet Transmission – <1%
  • Visible Light Transmission – 20%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection – 39%


Things To Consider:

When you are deciding if dark smoke window tint is the best window tint film to have installed in your vehicle, there are a few things you should consider.

The colour of the vehicle’s interior and exterior will have an impact on your choice of window film. How important visibility into the vehicle versus visibility out of the vehicle is. The backup and warranty you require for peace of mind  for the future.

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