Window Tinting Film Shades

Window Tinting Film Shades

We stock a range of window tinting film shades to transform the look and feel of your vehicle, and give you a great selection when you choose which tint you want for your car, van, 4×4 or camper. All of the following window tinting films are held in stock & can be fitted to your vehicle in either a single shade, or a combination of shades.

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Each shade of film has slightly different characteristics, and so you might choose to have different shades of window tinting film installed in certain areas of your vehicle.

For instance, you may want a limo black film on the windows of the rear loading area (for maximum privacy & security), but you’d like a lighter film on the windows of the rear passenger doors for better visibility out of the vehicle.

Alternatively, you could go for a lighter shade of window tinting film fitted on the tailgate window to aide your visibility out of the vehicle when the ambient light is low, eg at night.

Whatever your requirements, we will try our best to accommodate your needs, and can mix and match shades to help suit the particular circumstances.

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Limo Black
5% Light Transmittance
99% UV Rejection
Dark Smoke
20% Light Transmittance
99% UV Rejection
Med Smoke
35% Light Transmittance
99% UV Rejection
Lt Smoke
50% Light Transmittance
99% UV Rejection
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