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BMW Window TintTop Of The Range Looks

Ok, so you’ve got a really great car. It looks fantastic and is the envy of all who survey it, but then it happens. The manufacturer releases the current ‘top of the range’ model with privacy glass, and your neighbour’s got one!

Well fear not, we can give you that ‘top of the range‘ looks by installing our ‘top of the range‘ Ace Window Tinting film.

Adding Ace Tints will instantly give your vehicle the most up-to-date looks and really make it stand out. And unlike the factory tints, you get to choose which shade of tint you have, and can even choose different tints for different panes of glass.

So if your car didn’t come with factory tinted windows, just get a quote from us, and we’ll having it looking like a million dollars in less than a day.

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