Privacy & Security Tints

Security Window TintsPrivacy & Security Tints

Many of our business customers choose to have Ace Window Tints installed on the glass of the load areas of their vans and commercial vehicles, to reduce the opportunity for prying eyes to view what is stored inside.

With tints such as limo black, visibility into the vehicle is significantly minimised, while still allowing visibility out of the tinted windows when required.

These privacy tints also improve safety and security. The adhesive film installed on the inside of the glass helps to hold the glass together, making it more difficult to break, and will hold in place longer even if broken, with less shards of glass being thrown into the inside of the vehicle.

Tints For Privacy:

privacy TintsDarker window tints such as dark smoke and limo black, give great privacy and intimacy inside the cabin, and achieve a great ‘film star inside’ look and feel.

This privacy glass look also helps to update and upgrade a vehicle, giving it bang up to the minute style, and top of the range looks.

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