Tinted Lights

Tinted LightsTinted Lights

Tinted lights dramatically change the look of your lights. If you want to stand out from the crowd with smoked lights, without the costs and hassle of expensive replacement parts, then we have the answer.

We have a ‘honeycombe’ effect adhesive film which we can apply over rear light clusters, side repeaters, fog lights, and even front lights, which totally transforms the look, but can be quickly and easily reverted back to standard if required.

The film still allows the original colour of the bulbs to clearly show through, ensuring that they are effective and legal, meaning you won’t be in trouble with the boys in blue, or have any worries when it comes to MOT time!

So the benefits are clear (or should we say tinted!)

  • Totally transforms the look quickly & easily
  • Lights still work efficiently
  • Can be reverted back to original if required
  • No costly or badly fitting replacement parts
  • All legal and meet current MOT requirements

You can see some example photos in our tinted lights gallery.

To find out more, and how much it would cost for your lights to be tinted, just call us, or pop in to see us. You can find where we are by clicking here.

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