Landrover Discovery Window Tints

Landrover Discovery Window Tints

Landrover Discovery Window Tints In Shrewsbury

Today, first job is Landrover Discovery Window Tints at Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury.

This Disco is having window tinting film installed on the 7 rear window panes.

The customer decided to go for our most popular shade of window tint film, Dark Smoke tint, which allows 20% of light to be transmitted through the glass after fitting the film.

Why Landrover Discovery Window Tints In Dark Smoke?:

This is the closest window tint shade to most of the factory fit privacy glass when fitted as standard from the manufacturer, and offers a good compromise of visibility out of the vehicle when the light is low outside, but still having the striking good looks window tints give to a vehicle, as well as more privacy, less glare and better heat/UV rejection.

If you’ve got a Landrover Discover (or any vehicle for that matter) and would like to know how much it would cost to get your windows tinted, you can request an online quote, or call us on 01743 466100 to get prices and ask any questions.

Landrover Dicovery Windows Tinted By Ace Car Care Shrewsbury

Landrover Discovery Window Tints

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