Dogs, Cats And Animals In Cars

Dogs & Cats In Cars | How Window Tinting Helps

We all love our pets, and taking them with us in our cars is nothing new for us. It might be a ride out on the weekend, or on holiday with you for a few days, or even a quick drive to the shops or visit a friend, we like them with us. But what about the dog or cat in the car, how do they feel?

‘Cool For Cats’

One of the things us pet owners think about when our cats and dogs are in the car, is the temperature and heat for them. Imagine wearing a fur coat on a hot summers day inside the car! Not something we’d choose to do, but your pet hasn’t got an option. So keeping them cool is of paramount importance.

It’s not so bad when you’re driving and can have the blowers or air conditioning on, but even then, if your prize pooch or feline friend is in the back of the car, the cool air might not be getting there.

With our high quality window tinting film fitted to your cars glass, you can get more than 50% solar energy (heat) rejection with some films, and most films filter out up to 99% harmful UV rays too. These 2 benefits alone make it far safer and more comfortable inside the car for both you and your pets.



Privacy & Security

Now it’s never recommended to leave your dog or cat unattended in the car for long periods (see RSPCA advice), but if you do need to leave your animal in the car for a short while, as well as keeping them cool, you want them to be secure and undisturbed from passers by.

The range of window tinting films we carry in stock means you can choose the most appropriate shade to reduce visibility into your car, giving privacy to your animal, and adding protection from prying eyes outside your car.

We have shades from limo black which gives the ultimate privacy, right down to light smoke. You can see our range here.



If you would like to talk to us about how we can make your car more animal friendly with our window tinting service, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01743 466100, or you can call in to our Car Care Centre (find us) for a friendly chat – dog & cats welcome.