Audi Window Tinting Shrewsbury

Audi Window Tinting Shrewsbury

A5 Audi Window Tinting Shrewsbury

After the owner of this lovely white A5 came in for some Audi window tinting Shrewsbury at our Car Care Centre on Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury

We discussed the look he was after, and went through the range of tints we offer, from light smoke to limo black.

Choosing Audi Window Tints:

The owner eventually decided to go for the closest to a factory Audi window tint Shrewsbury, selecting our Dark Smoke option which lets in 20% light.

The window tint job was finished within the day, and the customer picked up his Audi window tints, and was delighted with the way it now looked.

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White Audi Window Tinting Shrewsbury


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