Ace Car Care Wiindow TintsAce Car Care Guarantee

With every tint installation, Ace Car Care offer both a product and installation guarantee/warranty. As we are able to offer a range of films and qualities, each of them have different levels of warranty with them.

Depending on what film type you select, the product warranty will range from 3 to 7 years. This covers against fading, colour stability an de-lamination. The installation warranty ranges from 2 years to lifetime, again depending on which film quality is selected.

Below are details of the films available and the warranty/guarantee for each:


 Warranty Details

Film Quality

Product Warranty

Install Warranty

Star Rating

Added Features


3 Years

2 Years

*** 3


5 Years

5 Years

**** 4

FREE Care Kit


7 Years


***** 5

FREE Care Kit

FREE Tint Replacement Policy*


* Tint replacement policy – In the even of a window previously tinted by Ace Car Care being smashed/cracked and subsequently replaced. the new one fitted will be tinted FREE of charge by Ace Car Care if damaged during the product warranty period.